Signature hilltop and seafront villas, designed by Ed Tuttle and serviced by the unique Aman hospitality.

The Porto Heli Collection | Amanzoe

Aman Residences

Villa size: Amanzoe Villas are suitable to satisfy every need. As an example, 2 bedroom Villas, sit on a 0.5 hectare lot and average 320 sq.m., whereas 4-5 bedroom Villas, sit on a 1 hectare lot, averaging 700 sq.m..

Architect: Designrealization (Ed Tuttle)

Location (views): Villas are sited to provide all residents with uninterrupted views of the sea and vistas of the undulating hills and olive groves surrounding the properties.

Swimming pool: All villas

No of bedrooms: From two bedrooms upwards, depending on size and design

Total average plot size: c. 1.6 acres (0.65 ha)